Tangible Pricing helps you easily see the properties real value.

  • Saves you time.
  • Showcase your local knowlege.
  • Answer questions with data.
  • Instantly provide answers to data related client questions
  • Present higher quality data in less time that you ever could before.

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20 Report Property Scan

You can instantly see 20 reports of any subdivision from any device. Works best on a computer or a tablet.

Rental Reports

Quickly and easily display all the rental information about a given subdivision.

Investment Reports

Quickly and accurately display all the information about the investment value in any subdivision, including cash on cash return and Cap Rate.

Inventory Level

See the current inventory for a subdivision. Use this information to help determine the listing price.

County Club Reports

See information on the Equity Membership clubs. Compare dues, fees etc.

Golf Communities

See all the different non-equity Golf communities across the county

Tennis Communities

See all the different Tennis communities across the county

Equestrian Communities

See all the Equestrian Communitiess across the county

Introduction to the program.

Pro Version vs. Business version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it first?

Unfortunately we are not able to give any trials because this is a tool that uses your credentials to access your MLS Data. We do have many videos that demonstrate how it works, and I am happy to setup a time to demo it if you like.

Why should I pay extra for the Pro version when the business has very subdivision?

I often get clients who are not from here and they usually want to see all the property in their price range. I just do a search in the MLS, then export the results into a one of the 20 CMA Reports. Then you can see across subdivisions but with all the same charts. This is more of a power user feature.  What  you get, however is a great way to easily look at a market instead of just a subdivision.   I have done one for waterfront and it is nice to quickly be able to see all about the property with about 5 minutes of work.

How can it save me time?

When I sit down to do a CMA, I find it usually takes me from a couple of hours to four hours before I am confident enough in the numbers and have all the evidence to back up my value. Using this tool, I can have that information in 15 seconds.

How often does the data update?

Using your MLS Credentials we update our copy of the MLS every 5 minutes. We update the actual reports every night but we have an option to update them on demand.

What if I want to search across Neighborhoods?

The Pro version allows you to export any MLS Search and create a custom report that crosses All subdivision. Here is an video showing how to create a waterfront report for Northern Palm Beach

How do I get support?

Currently we are only providing email support but we will reach out by phone and even screen share to help your situation.

What MLS Boards it is available for?

The system was written to allow us to work with any board, but currently it only works with Beaches MLS.

Do I need to be a realtor to sign up?

Yes. You must have an Active Membership to Beaches MLS and we will need to get some paperwork signed by your broker and the board.

How may reports are included?

Currently there are over 1500 subdivision that each have a 20 report CMA, A rental report and two investment report. You can do the math, but there are a lot. With all of these reports you can do a listing presentation with a simple click of a button.

What if I find a problem?

Software is a finicky beast and occassionaly bugs do arise. Please let us know, we use the program every day in our own client interactions, and we will fix them as soon as practically possible.

How does the license work?

Your license is for one user to have unlimited access to the reports. You are free to email the reports to any client that you are working with.

Do you have training?

Currently we only have online videos, but we may do some online webinars if necessary.

Can I integrate it into my website?

Your license does not allow for embedding this into any websites. If you have that need please contact us to discuss it.

I see Ken Golding all over your videos. Can I make that my logo?

Yes, there is a place for you to enter your logo, name, phonenumber, and credentials.

More questions?

Get in touch

How this all came about.

This story is actually a complex web with quite a few turns. Back in 1982 a realtor asked my wife and I why we would rent instead of buying. I had a myriad of reasons why I would rent, but she very quickly educated me on why I should buy. We did and the rest is history in the making.

Since the purchase of that property in 1982 my wife and I have been active real estate investors for ourselves. At one time we managed 10 properties but now we keep it to about 6 that we manage.

At the same time, I have been a software engineer and have had a long career solving issues for people with software. In this case, I was the one who needed the issues solved.

When I semi-retired from my software business to start a real estate business here in south Florida, I very quickly realized that if you want to help people sell homes that often can exceed a million dollars you cannot BS. You need to know the facts.

As I started in the business I realized very quickly that I would need to build a system that will allow me to deliver the facts to someone in a very quick and concise manner. I was taking up to 4 hours to property prepare myself for a meeting and I would find at the last minute that something was missing or not right. Starting over again, often at the last minute, is painful and tedious.

I just wanted a way to present the information to a client that was quick, repeatable, and up to date. How many times would you do a CMA, for a meeting and then it gets pushed off for a week or two? Not a problem with this system.

After I began using it with clients, they where astounded at the level of information that they could absorb and I was delighted that I could speak intelligently and quickly about any property that someone was inquiring about, all while they were on the phone.

I would share the reports with agents when negotiating and it seemed to help. Other agents started asking my why they could not have it.

So here we are. Now you can have it.

Ken Golding

Realtor/Software Programmer

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100% Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.

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This program was designed with the single goal of being able to service my Real Estate clients in a way that is faster with superior data. I have only been selling real estate professionally less than two years, so I am very open to ideas from any of my users